Ag Sci & Tech Dept

Agricultural Science & Technology Department

 Charles Rowland, Director

Christopher Brittain

Lori Bennett

Casey Dunn

Victoria Christian

Andrew Zielinski

Elyse Manyak‚Äč

Heather Rubbo, Ag Ed Administrative Assistant

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about the Wamogo Agriscience program

Prerequisites: Students must complete an application, be interviewed and be acceptedinto the program.  Students are expected to demonstrate a sincereinterest in an agricultural or related occupation and develop aSupervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program during their period ofenrollment. Applications are due December 1st.

Following are the minimum standards of performance in the Agricultural Ed Program:

     Student must be on track to graduate with their class.

    Student has an accepted SAE and is meeting the hour requirement asdefined in the SAE grading rubric by the end of freshman year.  SAE iskept up through the entire high school career.

    Student is maintaining an acceptable level of behavior as determined bythe Ag Center staff and administration of Wamogo Regional High School.

     Student must adhere to Wamogo's attendance policy.